Nature urgently needs our help. Wild creatures, from songbirds to butterflies and from primates to bears, are disappearing so rapidly that they could be lost forever together with the wild forests, grasslands and other habitats that long sustained them. We humans already use nearly half of all Earth’s land to sustain ourselves, and the most productive parts at that. The challenges ahead are not small, but working together across our farms and cities, shared landscapes, and large wild areas, we can make the nature of our planet whole and healthy again.


ARTHUR is an examplein the decentralized spontaneous community building for the
wildlife. ARTHUR token is our first token and allows users to hold it and to gain 2%
proportionately with each transaction.
This BEP-20 ONLY token swapped and held in the pool, will contribute the grow of
future donations.


There is an initial fee of 2.2%, 2% will be redistributed to all holders proportionately,
based on how many $ARTHUR tokens are in each wallet, and 0,2% is burnt. ARTHUR
token is the cryptocurrency token listed and incentivized on PancakeSwap. Soon it will
be on a TOP 10 decentralized exchange.


Work with Roadmap

57.3% of tokens have been distributed to PancakeSwap, including LP
20% of tokens are reserved for exchange liquidity
14,5% locked for charity
3,5% for the team
1% for Airdrop
1% burned
2.5% for future marketing

2% redistribution (reflection)
0.2% burn

Contract BSC: 0x2e525838A44f703De7bDADd6Ab57159F2687D952

    @ Total Supply 99.900.000 ARTHUR
    @ Airdrop token has started on 26th May 2021, 2470 accounts has receive the tokens
    @ PancakeSwap LP created and lock the funds
    @ Telegram channel created, 7000 members reached in the first 30 days
    @ Social Media channels
    @ Influencer Marketing, AMA, Youtoube videos
    @ Setup donation wallet / researching awesome charities for wild animals
    @ CoinGecko apply - by Q3 2021
    @ CoinMarketCap apply - by Q3 2021
    @ DEX and CEX listing - by Q4 2021

Our team


ARTHUR is built by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers
with significant blockchain background and technical experience.


Technical advisors assist in the development and implementation of programs. They render their knowledge and skills to everyone involved in the project.


As many other charity projects, we rely on our volunteers. They come from all instances
of life: all ages, continents, races, jobs and careers. But yet, they all want to help Earth's
wildlife by tending to its needs as best as they can, through helping ArthurBear Project.

Mission to Support


The biggest bear sanctuary in the world.
Rescued from miserable conditions, over 100 bears enjoy now their natural environment.
“LIBEARTY” – the largest animal welfare project in Europe
ARTHUR joined these efforts in the “Save the Captive Bear” Project – the largest project in Europe for the rescue, care and welfare of the brown bear.


When the needs of humans and wildlife seem most at odds, African Wildlife Foundation brings its many resources to bear. We’re far more than environmentalists. We’re lawyers, scientists, policymakers, and more working on the ground to help address the issues that put habitat at risk—from land-use laws and agricultural growth to settlement patterns and political instability.


There are more than 7 billion people on Earth. Imagine if every one of us committed to do one thing — no matter how small — to protect wildlife every day. Even minor actions can have a major impact when we all work together. Across the continent’s diverse wild lands, management authorities need data-driven solutions to enhance anti-poaching capacity to allow remaining priority populations to recover from previous, and current, crises.


Arthur is a Token with a smart contract deployed on Binance Smart Chain. Moreover, 14.5% of the deposit tokens on our platform will be used for charity for Non Profit Organization to protect the wild animals. Our donations will have proof of donation and will be trackable by users.

You can join our community by converting your assets into our tokens and depositing them into our farms and pools.

You will receive rewards that are higher or lower depending on the investment amount you've put in the project.

If you are already a DeFi veteran, go ahead and try it out.

If you are new make sure you educate yourself on the risks and take proper advice.

We have been audited by TechRate (before starting our partnership), therefore our code
has been tested for any weaknesses.
We have also locked the initial liquidity and our dev funds for a total of 6 months.
But we really think the best way to build trust is by interacting with us directly through
Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We will
always be there to help you and answer any questions.

Click: + Custom Token

Copy and paste the Contract Address: 0x2e525838A44f703De7bDADd6Ab57159F2687D952

You will see Name: ARTHUR, Decimals: 8

Remember, this is a BEP20 token

The team is made up of volunteers and investors, and you can tell we are passionate about this project. We each have experiences in our lives which have given us a personal connection to the cause. This is more than just another cryptocurrency to us, it’s a way to make a difference in a very real way

Yes. There is a small numbers of tokens initially supplied.  0.2% of each transaction is burned for confidence.

How the donations will work.

We've locked 14,5 millions of token for future donations.

This is the address of the cold wallet:

Every first month of the year the organization will decide where to donate. In the first year of 2022 will start to donate 2% of tokens from this deposit to NPO. In this way we can cover at least 50 years 
We will publish the transaction details. 
Locked pool here: 
Second Locked:

The ARTHUR Ecosystem

The rapid decline of World's keystone species over the last few decades is devastating not only to national economies that depend on wildlife tourism but also to ecosystems that provide resources to other species and vital services to growing human populations. As wildlife habitats become increasingly fragmented, securing World's wild lands gives them a fighting chance to survive.

Partners to donate already in contact with:


Benefits for everyone

ARTHUR is an open source, decentralized project, reward holders, created to help include wild animals benefits in the cryptocurrency world.

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